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Introduction of SAMBESI in the urban environment of Haifa, Israel

During the last weeks we were allowed to introduce SAMBESI at the Mediterranean Sea in Haifa, Israel.

Besides the delivery & commissioning of SAMBESI and the training with the operating team, Remec was allowed to develop the maintenance concept for the newly built ropeway installation.
In addition, an interface to the ropeway control system and the servers of LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH automatically transfers important operating data to SAMBESI.
The very high security requirements from the operation of the application to the handling with the tablets could be solved satisfactorily.

The urban transport system "HBTU University" with 153 cabins will be operated 6 days a week and 16 hours a day from October 2021. It includes a total of 6 stations and connects a bus terminal with the university on the mountain to relieve traffic.