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Training of apprentices

Last week, the former apprentices of Sisag AG and Remec AG met at the new SisCampus. After an update on the growth of the Sisag Group in recent years and a tour of the new premises, the 50 participants were able to reminisce about their apprenticeship days over a fine dinner at 54Hochgenuss.

Together with our big sister Sisag AG, Remec AG trains apprentices within the Sisag Group.

The importance of apprentice training for Sisag and Remec is impressively demonstrated by a few figures:
- 19 apprentices are currently completing their apprenticeship in the Sisag Group in the professions of electronics technician, automation technician, automation fitter, IT technician, commercial clerk and cook.
- This corresponds to 10% of the entire workforce of the Sisag Group.
- So far, a total of 84 apprentices have completed their apprenticeship at Sisag.
- 29% of them are now employed again in the Sisag Group
- an amazing 19% of all employees have also completed their apprenticeship at Sisag (that is every 5th employee of the Sisag Group!)