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Introduction of the maintenance software Sambesi at Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort

- the luxury resort includes about 40 facilities; hotels; wellness areas, restaurants, staff houses, roads, railroad facilities, sports facilities like golf or tennis up to the bee house
- about 50 tablets with ZambeziMobile are used daily by about 300 users
- about 400 smaller and larger incidents are reported and processed with Zambezi per month
- around 18,000 preventive maintenance and inspection tasks are called up and processed in a structured manner via tablet; from room checks to daily bathing water checks, including recording of measured values.

The challenges lay in the broad use and enormous amount of data that the operation and maintenance of a hotel resort of this size entails.
In several workshops the processes were worked out together and the software Sambezi was introduced step by step according to the own needs. The agile approach made it possible to keep to the tight schedule. Once again it has been shown that Sambesi is very flexible and scalable!

Hubert Theiler, Project Manager Facility Management at Bürgenstock Hotel & Resort says; "Thanks to the many years of experience of the Remec employees, our needs could be recorded and adapted very quickly. The agile approach enabled the implementation of Sambezi within a few weeks! The exchange and the joint workshops have generally helped us to move forward. With the help of Sambezi, we not only work in a more structured way, but also more efficiently."

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