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From the field: Small equipment testing with SAMBESI

With SAMBESI, device testing can be planned, performed and documented. Depending on the manufacturer of the test equipment, for example, the same NFC tag can be used for the test equipment as well as for Sambesi.

According to the Ordinance on the Prevention of Accidents and Occupational Diseases (SR 832.30, VUV), the employer is responsible for providing safe electrical work equipment. According to Art. 3 VUV, the employer must ensure that the protective measures and protective devices are not impaired in their effectiveness. He must check this at appropriate intervals. The inspection is carried out in accordance with the standard SNR 462638 - Repeat inspection and inspection after repair of electrical equipment.

Together with Recom Electronic AG as the supplier of Safetytest, a solution was developed that allows the protocol generated after a successful test to be added as a document on the tablet to the correct order in SAMBESI without any media discontinuity.

In this way, all legal requirements for documentation and traceability of the device tests performed are met.