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Digital operating logbook certified for South Tyrol

In almost all countries, ropeway companies have to keep operating logs in order to prove to the authorities that the duty of care and maintenance has been fulfilled. The South Tyrolean government has now approved our SAMBESI software for keeping digital operating logs.

Among other things, SAMBESI makes it easy and uncomplicated to keep digital operating logs with a trip log. In the process, all required information is stored in a largely automated manner and then output in a corresponding report.

"The main requirements of the South Tyrolean ropeway authorities were, on the one hand, data security and, on the other hand, they demanded a special type of report in line with the "analog" operating diary commonly used in South Tyrol. In addition, the digital operating log should be able to be kept in German as well as in Italian. All these requirements were relatively easy to implement," says Alexander Brandtner.

Internationale Seilbahn-Rundschau: Digitales Betriebstagebuch für Südtirol zertifiziert (