This week the 3rd edition of the Sambesi Forum EU took place at the Bergisel in Innsbruck.

Exciting presentations on current topics and enough space for discussions inspired our guests and ourselves to new ideas. About 30 guests took part in the digital journey.


In the afternoon, we were able to visit the ski jump with former ski jumpers. As a highlight, we were able to witness a jump directly at the ski jump table.

We would like to thank all visitors for their active participation!

Cable cars are an important alternative and supplement to existing transport systems in urban areas.

At the first Cable Car World Congress in Essen, we will be present together with Sisag with our products and services for networked mobility.

Thanks to all participants for the exciting discussions and the intensive exchange during three customer events last week;

  • SAMBESI Academy 2022 - Water

  • SAMBESI Academy 2022 - Ropeways

  • Digital Days 2022 in Western Switzerland together with Sisag AG

This week, together with Sisag AG, we had the pleasure of welcoming our "cable car customers" to the Digital Days 2022 at the SisCampus for two days.
Exciting input presentations and news from the in-house developer forge encouraged an intensive exchange.

Many thanks to all visitors for their active participation!

Now we are looking forward to next week's edition in French-speaking Switzerland.

In Davos, digital maintenance is not only used for the mountain railroads and the water supply, but now also for various sports facilities. Last year, for example, SAMBESI was introduced for the ice stadium and the eau-là-là wellness and adventure pool in Davos.

Digitalization also offers opportunities in the management of sports facilities. The consulting project managers of Remec AG support owners and operators of sports facilities in the use of the digital maintenance software SAMBESI. However, this is not just about the introduction of a software solution, but rather about holistic aspects such as planning, quality assurance, processes, documentation, safety, etc.

In addition, we work together with Rainer Gilg from the company BPM Sports GmbH and his team in the area of sports facilities - with the goal of offering the best solution with concentrated competence and making experience usable.

Congratulations to all finishers at the Engadiner Skimarathon - especially to our team [SAMBESI - powered by Remec] - with reinforcement from the ranks of Sisag AG.

During the last two days, we officially started the next development cycle of SAMBESI internally!
In several workshop sessions, we discussed the numerous preliminary works together, planned the realisation, discussed risks, made decisions and got in the mood for the next months.

Now we are looking forward to taking on the challenge and driving the development of SAMBESI forward!
We will probably present the first interim results at the next Digital Days.


With SAMBESI, device testing can be planned, performed and documented. Depending on the manufacturer of the test equipment, for example, the same NFC tag can be used for the test equipment as well as for Sambesi.

According to the Ordinance on the Prevention of Accidents and Occupational Diseases (SR 832.30, VUV), the employer is responsible for providing safe electrical work equipment. According to Art. 3 VUV, the employer must ensure that the protective measures and protective devices are not impaired in their effectiveness. He must check this at appropriate intervals. The inspection is carried out in accordance with the standard SNR 462638 - Repeat inspection and inspection after repair of electrical equipment.

Together with Recom Electronic AG as the supplier of Safetytest, a solution was developed that allows the protocol generated after a successful test to be added as a document on the tablet to the correct order in SAMBESI without any media discontinuity.

In this way, all legal requirements for documentation and traceability of the device tests performed are met.

- the luxury resort includes about 40 facilities; hotels; wellness areas, restaurants, staff houses, roads, railroad facilities, sports facilities like golf or tennis up to the bee house
- about 50 tablets with ZambeziMobile are used daily by about 300 users
- about 400 smaller and larger incidents are reported and processed with Zambezi per month
- around 18,000 preventive maintenance and inspection tasks are called up and processed in a structured manner via tablet; from room checks to daily bathing water checks, including recording of measured values.

The challenges lay in the broad use and enormous amount of data that the operation and maintenance of a hotel resort of this size entails.
In several workshops the processes were worked out together and the software Sambezi was introduced step by step according to the own needs. The agile approach made it possible to keep to the tight schedule. Once again it has been shown that Sambesi is very flexible and scalable!

Hubert Theiler, Project Manager Facility Management at Bürgenstock Hotel & Resort says; "Thanks to the many years of experience of the Remec employees, our needs could be recorded and adapted very quickly. The agile approach enabled the implementation of Sambezi within a few weeks! The exchange and the joint workshops have generally helped us to move forward. With the help of Sambezi, we not only work in a more structured way, but also more efficiently."

More information about the hotel resort:

Digital InnovatioIn partnership with Sisag AG and ProSim GmbH, Remec AG has developed a simulator for mountain railroads. The "digital twin" Pollux supports operators of mountain railway destinations to ensure the best possible experience for the guest - today and in the future.
The simulator supports mountain railroads that, for example, need to replace lifts or want to expand the number of kilometers of slopes.
The area is first digitally recreated 1:1 in the simulator, in order to then simulate planned changes and the resulting financial and personnel effects. Further, operational outages and changes in visitor flows can be simulated across the entire area.

More information: SRF text and radio report: Mountain railroad simulator

Last week, the former apprentices of Sisag AG and Remec AG met at the new SisCampus. After an update on the growth of the Sisag Group in recent years and a tour of the new premises, the 50 participants were able to reminisce about their apprenticeship days over a fine dinner at 54Hochgenuss.

Together with our big sister Sisag AG, Remec AG trains apprentices within the Sisag Group.

The importance of apprentice training for Sisag and Remec is impressively demonstrated by a few figures:
- 19 apprentices are currently completing their apprenticeship in the Sisag Group in the professions of electronics technician, automation technician, automation fitter, IT technician, commercial clerk and cook.
- This corresponds to 10% of the entire workforce of the Sisag Group.
- So far, a total of 84 apprentices have completed their apprenticeship at Sisag.
- 29% of them are now employed again in the Sisag Group
- an amazing 19% of all employees have also completed their apprenticeship at Sisag (that is every 5th employee of the Sisag Group!)

This week we held the Digital Days 2021 of Sisag AG and Remec AG.
No less than 24 exciting input presentations during 3 days - have inspired our customers, our partners and ourselves to new ideas.

We would like to thank all visitors and partners for their active participation! Once again it has been shown that the exchange and proximity inspires a partnership cooperation.

Many thanks to the team of CFL - Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois for the great partnership.

Martin Dahm, Infrastructure Manager at Chemin de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL) said:
"We wanted to work paperless from the very beginning and that's how we came across SAMBESI. Thanks to the maintenance software, we work flexibly, efficiently and legally in three-shift operation. All activities are always documented, all documents are immediately available and all employees always have the same, up-to-date knowledge. As lateral entrants, we also benefit from the ropeway know-how of the software manufacturer REMEC!"

More information: Article in SI Magazine

In spring 2020, Remec was able to look back on its 10th anniversary. With a weekend in Zermatt and the successful ascent of the Breithorn at 4'164 m.a.s.l., we were now able to enjoy the official celebrations one year later than planned.

Apprentices, project managers, technical managers, software developers, board members - they were all at the summit!

We thank our loyal customers and partners for the successful cooperation and look forward to the next 10 years!

Remec AG was allowed to support the recording of the W12 at the water supply of the Firstbahnen with the help of the SVGW-certified maintenance software Sambesi.

Together with the operations manager of the Firstbahnen Markus Kellenberger (Jungfraubahnen Management AG) and the support of Christoph Müller (WasserSupport GmbH), the complete water supply was recorded in Sambesi and checked according to the SVGW W12 good practice.

Picture: On-site recording of the guideline points according to W12 directly with SambesiMobile on the tablet.

During the last weeks we were allowed to introduce SAMBESI at the Mediterranean Sea in Haifa, Israel.

Besides the delivery & commissioning of SAMBESI and the training with the operating team, Remec was allowed to develop the maintenance concept for the newly built ropeway installation.
In addition, an interface to the ropeway control system and the servers of LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH automatically transfers important operating data to SAMBESI.
The very high security requirements from the operation of the application to the handling with the tablets could be solved satisfactorily.

The urban transport system "HBTU University" with 153 cabins will be operated 6 days a week and 16 hours a day from October 2021. It includes a total of 6 stations and connects a bus terminal with the university on the mountain to relieve traffic.

Yesterday we were able to welcome interested people from the water supply sector and industry in a webinar. Among other things, we presented the digital maintenance, the GIS module and the W12 / risk management. As a user from practice, we were able to welcome Carlos Pighin from Schlieren live in the studio and discuss various questions from the audience with him.

We were very pleased about the lively and active participation!

Yesterday evening we updated our cloud customers to SAMBESI version 6.1.

We have made various improvements and bug fixes in the areas of client, backend, mobile, and reports. Our customers can find more detailed information in the Release Notes 6.1 sent to them by e-mail.

If you have any questions, uncertainties or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via the usual channels:

Have fun with the new features and improvements!

Meanwhile, our team has already started the development of SAMBESI version 7. We will inform you about the progress here as soon as possible.

Die Messwert-Ergebnisse der Wasserproben-Berichte vom kantonalen Labor in St. Gallen können neu automatisiert in unsere Instandhaltungssoftware Sambesi importiert werden. Ein weiterer Schritt in der Effizienzsteigerung und Digitalisierung der Instandhaltung. Weitere Kantone sind in Planung.

Bei Interesse melden Sie sich gerne bei uns!

It is with pleasure that we have successfully welcomed another 9 "water supply customers" to the SAMBESI family during the last few weeks. A warm welcome;

  • Wasserversorgung Oberweningen

  • Wasserversorgung Schöfflisdorf

  • Wasserversorgung Arosa

  • Wasserversorgung Seelisberg

  • Wasserversorgung Einsiedeln

  • Gemeinde Emmetten

  • Wasserversorgung Küssnacht a.R.

  • Wasserversorgung Thusis

  • Wasserversorgungsgenossenschaft Neuenkirch

On Wednesday, November 4th and Thursday, November 5th, we were able to successfully invite our customers to a webinar. At the two webinars for the water supplies and cable cars, we were able to show our new developments in Sambesi and above all risk management and bring our customers up to date. We thank you very much for the participation!

New customer for the technical management

With Sportbahnen Gampel-Jeizinen AG, Remec AG is allowed to support its 20th cableway company with technical management. The mandate model also convinces the operations managers of Sportbahnen Gampel-Jeizinen AG and they hand over the duty of care of their systems to the technical manager of Remec AG.

You can find more information about the destination Gampel-Jeizinen here.

New customer in the Glarus region

Sportbahnen Braunwald AG operate cable cars for their skiing and hiking area in Glarus. They also maintain another cable car on behalf of the company. In the future, all cable car systems will be documented with the Sambesi and planned in accordance with authorities and manufacturers.

You can find more information about the Sportbahnen Braundwald AG here.

Butzenbüel funicular

With the construction of the Circle, a new funicular is being built at Zurich Airport, which will make the stay even more attractive for guests. With this funicular, the Sambesi will be introduced at Zurich Airport.

Information about Zurich Airport at

In Dotternhausen, a new lorry system is being built for Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH to transport the mining dismantling from the mine down to the cement works.

In close cooperation between the companies Bartholet and Sisag, a new lorry system is being built, which also allows passenger cabins to be transported in and out during operation. This system is maintained and documented with the Sambesi from the first day of operation. Thus we get our 1st customer in the opencast mine and are convinced that we can also manage this sector to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Link to Holcim Germany

We are happy to welcome our 50th municipality in the Sambesi community of water supplies.

The municipality of Weesen is now operating its Riviera on Lake Walen with our software tool Sambesi. Have fun.

Link to the community of Weesen

With the municipality of Fiss, Remec wins its first customer for the water supply in Austria.

We are very pleased that the municipality of Fiss has decided, pioneering for Austria, to maintain its water supply with our software tool Sambesi. It's about nothing less than our staple food, which is available in every household.

You can find more information about the municipality of Fiss at

Guided lifts in Colfosco

The Dolomites enchants with wonderful, impressive landscapes that make your days in the snow something special. Impianti Colfosco has always been committed to enhancing this gift of nature and takes care of the flawless management of the lifts as well as the optimal preparation and maintenance of the slopes in Colfosco.

Our Smbesi tool is now used for this purpose. More information is available at

Our 5th cable car customer in South Tyrol belongs to the Dolomiti Superski group and connects Selva with the Gardena Pass. We are very happy to be part of the famous and busy Sellaronda.

We wish the Seggiovia Dantercepies SPA a lot of fun with our Sambesi tool.

You can find more information at

Aufgrund der Anforderungen für die SVGW Richtlinie W12 und des BAV Hilfsmittels zur Beurteilung altrechtlicher Anlagen entwickelten wir über die letzten zwei Jahre ein neues Modul Risikomanagement für unsere bewährte Software Sambesi. Mit diesem Modul bieten wir unseren Kunden ein handliches Werkzeug um Risiken zu erfassen, verwalten und zu bewältigen.

Mehr über uns und über das neue Modul erfahren Sie in folgendem Artikel: Link zum SI International

With the Bergbahnen Pfelders we welcome our 4th customer in South Tyrol.

The cable car operator from the Passeier Valley is now maintaining its cable cars with our Sambesi. This ensures that customers can travel safely to the area at any time, in summer or winter, and enjoy nature on foot and on skis.

You can find more information at

WVRB AG, as the owner of the plant, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the primary system within a radius of approx. 30 km around Bern. The primary system facilities of WVRB AG include spring and groundwater catchments, reservoirs and treatment plants, transport pipelines and measuring and control systems. In future, it will carry out its QA and maintenance work in the SAMBESI software.

Further information on the Berne Region Water Network:

Whether there is a shortage of skilled workers, transition phases or a low budget - there are many reasons why mountain railways do not employ their own technical managers. The REMEC company, with its hireable experts, offers true "MacGyver" for the operation, maintenance and inspection of cable car installations.

More about our MacGyver can be found in the following article: Link to SI International

A new online platform for emergency planning is to support the emergency services in Uri in case of natural hazards. Emergency documents, camera images and hydrometric data can be accessed on the site. With this platform, the building authorities of Uri want to offer help in coping with the event. The web application was developed by the building authorities in cooperation with the company Remec AG from Uri.

Further information can be found in the following article in the Luzerner Zeitung.

Our forecast software KASSANDRA is preferably used for the number of guests. However, it is multifunctional and can also be used for business forecasts. For the first time, we were now able to apply this sales forecast to a customer in the catering industry. The Hotel Klausenpasshöhe, on the beautiful Klausen Pass, has a long tradition, but is progressively managed by a young couple of landlords. The KASSANDRA turnover forecast is used for the planning and management of the restaurant. The first tests were very successful and with KASSANDRA the business could start efficiently into the summer season 2020!

Die Wasserkorporation Benken betreibt die Wasserversorgung der Gemeinde Benken. Sie führt in Zukunft Ihre QS- und Instandhaltungsarbeiten in der Software SAMBESI. Ebenfalls werden Sie die neue gute Verfahrenspraxis nach der Richtlinie-W12 des SVGW im Sambesi anwenden.

Die Industriellen Betriebe Landquart betreiben die Wasserversorgung der Gemeinde Landquart. Sie führt in Zukunft Ihre QS- und Instandhaltungsarbeiten in der Software SAMBESI. Ebenfalls werden Sie die neue gute Verfahrenspraxis nach der Richtlinie-W12 des SVGW im Sambesi anwenden. Sie werden bei der Integration und Erarbeitung der W12 durch das Ingenieurbüro Marugg + Bruni AG GmbH unterstützt.

Die Wasserversorgung der Gemeinde Morschach und Stoos führt in Zukunft Ihre QS- und Instandhaltungsarbeiten in der Software SAMBESI.

Die Wasserversorgung Glattfelden versorgt über 5000 Einwohner mit Trinkwasser. In Zukunft führen Sie Ihre QS- und Instandhaltungsarbeiten in der Software SAMBESI.

Die Gemeinde Illgau liegt auf 807 m.ü.M inmitten einer herrlichen Bergwelt, zwischen Muotathal und der Ibergeregg. Die Wasserversorgung der Gemeinde Illgau stellt für ihre Einwohner die Wasserversorgung sicher und ist für die Abführung des Abwassers (Hauptleitungen) zuständig. Sie sind als Mandant in der Basisinstallation der WasserSupport GmbH geführt und werden dadurch auch bei der Integration und Aufarbeitung eines neuen QS unterstützt.

Sambesi has successfully been certified by the SVGW and is now the first IT solution to receive the “Q-W12 SVGW” mark of conformity. Thus, the SVGW certifies that our software SAMBESI professionally maps the legally anchored self-control and thus fulfills the requirements of the SVGW guideline W12 and can implement it in terms of IT. So we can guarantee our customers that you can meet the legal requirements with our software and the risk management module.


We are very pleased to welcome the first customer from America, Alaska! Icy Strait Point are building two gondola lifts in Hoonah. The two gondola lifts mainly carry cruise passengers on their day trip. The easiest way to get to Hoonah is by boat, and it's around 60 miles by air from Juneau. We are pleased to be able to supply Sambesi to the 4th continent with Alaska.

Die Einwohnergemeinde Silenen betreibt neu die Ersatzwasserversorgung Silenerboden der AlpTransit Gotthard AG.

Mit Hilfe von SAMBESI möchte nun die Gemeinde die Anlagen erfassen und dokumentieren sowie deren Instandhaltungs- und QS arbeiten dokumentieren, um somit die Qualität und die Selbstkontrolle des Wassers sicherzustellen. In einem zweiten Schritt sollen dann weitere Gemeindeaufgaben des Werkdienstes und der Liegenschaftsverwaltung, ebenfalls in SAMBESI erfasst werden.

Weitere Referenzen:


Die WV Rapperswil-Jona hat sich entschieden ihre bestehende QS-Software durch SAMBESI abzulösen. Die Wasserversorgung Rapperswil-Jona versorgt rund 27'000 Einwohner mit Trinkwasser. Die 6 Mitarbeiter der Wasserversorgung betreiben und unterhalten 4 Grundwasserpumpwerke, 3 Stufenpumpwerke, 6 Reservoirs und über 139 km Hauptleitungsnetz. Sämtliche Anlagenteile werden in Zukunft in SAMBESI erfasst und dokumentiert. Ebenfalls wird die WVRJ die neue gute Verfahrenspraxis nach der Richtlinie-W12 des SVGW im SAMBESI anwenden. Sie werden bei der Integration und Aufarbeitung eines neuen QS durch die Firma WasserSupport GmbH unterstützt.

Die Gruppenwasserversorgung Amt und die Wasserversorgungsgenossenschaft Affoltern am Albis haben sich gemeinsam für die QS-Instandhaltungssoftware SAMBESI entschieden. Sie werden in Zukunft sämtliche Anlagen der Wasserversorgungen im SAMBESI erfassen und deren Instandhaltungs- und QS-Arbeiten dokumentieren. Die GWV Amt wird bei der Integration und Aufarbeitung des neuen QS nach W12 durch die Firma Holinger AG unterstützt.

Johannes Stadler is the new CEO of Remec AG from January 1st, 2020. He is taking over from Marco Zgraggen, who will move from Remec AG to Sisag AG within the Sisag Group. Johannes Stadler has been working as a project manager and cable car specialist at Remec AG since April 2015. The 38-year-old wants to continue the successful path of Remec AG and increasingly position the products and services abroad and outside the transport industry. Marco Zgraggen is still available to Remec AG as a member of the Board of Directors.

Die Wasserversorgung Winkel (ZH) ist neuer SAMBESI Kunde. Sie werden in Zukunft sämtliche Anlagen der Wasserversorgungen im SAMBESI erfassen und deren Instandhaltungs- und QS-Arbeiten dokumentieren. Die Wasserversorgung Winkel versorgt rund 5000 Einwohner mit Trinkwasser. Die Integration der Anlagen und Aufgaben wird zusammen mit der Remec AG erstellt.

For the eighth time we were able to welcome our customers to the Sambesi Forum. This year, the majestic mountain Pilatus, near Lucerne, provided the perfect backdrop, for a total of 80 participants. As last year, we had presentations in 3 languages, covering the cable cars, water supply and infrastructure sectors. Various innovations in Sambesi gave the participants from Switzerland and Austria topics to exchange, enjoying at the same time, a good meal in the Queen Victoria Hall on the Pilatus.

We are very pleased to welcome the first customer from Australia! The Scenic World Blue Mountains operate two cable cars in Katoomba and the steepest funicular in the world. The company welcomes 1.2 million guests annually and is about 16,500 km in a direct line from our headquarters in Altdorf. Sydney's local recreational area can be reached in less than two hours from the metropole and will plan and conduct its maintenance with SAMBESI with immediate effect.

Already for the second time we were allowed to invite our customers from Germany and Austria to the Sambesi Forum. This year we met in the middle of September in Vorarlberg, more precisely in the Propstei St. Gerold. The church educational and meeting facility Propstei was founded more than 1000 years ago and offered us a contemplative and inspiring atmosphere to talk about the news and "best practices" of SAMBESI. Our guests enjoyed an informative and instructive day in a special place.

Die Wasserversorgung Eschenbach führt in Zukunft ihre Selbstkontrolle in der Betriebs- und Instandhaltungssoftware SAMBESI. Die WV Eschenbach wird die Integration der Aufgaben selbst übernehmen und wird dabei von der Remec AG unterstützt. In einem zweiten Schritt soll auch die gute Verfahrenspraxis der W12 integriert und angewendet werden.

At the Interalpin exhibition 2019 in Innsbruck, Remec AG presented, together with the Sisag Group, its latest innovations in the field of Sambesi maintenance software as well as the Kassandra customer forecasting tool. Existing customers and new prospects were welcomed in a comfortable atmosphere with a cool booth design. Once again, Remec AG was able to demonstrate its inventiveness and knowledge of the sector.

With a fantastic weather we were able to welcome you at the “Zugersee Schiffahrt” in Zug for the seventh Sambesi Forum Switzerland. On the wonderful MS Rigi we presented Sambesi’s innovations and also introduced our new product Kassandra. Approximately 70 participants listened to the interesting presentations, which were held for the first time in the three national languages German, Italian and French. We also had in Zug, for the first time, a separate group of water suppliers who discussed their specific needs on a smaller scale. All parties will remember the round trip on a sunny day with lunch on the lake.

For the first time this year, we were able to hold a Sambesi Forum especially for our customers from Germany and Austria, as we have been organizing it since several years in Switzerland. The chosen place was the Predigtstuhlbahn in Bad Reichenhall. In a cozy atmosphere, we were able to present to the approximately 25 cable car professionals the latest developments of our maintenance software Sambesi. In particular, the module for the slope and rescue service was received with great interest. The tour through the installation of the Predigtstuhlbahn was impressive and has shown why the ropeway technology has lost nothing in our fascinating digital world.

The beautiful and honorable Grand Hotel Giessbach on Lake Brienz was the scene of this year's Sambezi Forum. In front of 50 interested participants from all over Switzerland, we were able to present live the latest features of Sambezi and discuss future developments. For the challenge of maintenance in the field of summer activities, we were able to present practical solutions with the aid of NFC identification and are pleased to note that there are apparently no limits to the possible uses of Sambesi.

Remec AG has been represented in Austria by Alexander Brandtner for over a year now. Success is also set in Austria now. Just in time for Interalpin 2017, the cable car Komperdell GmbH in Serfaus has chosen an absolute top destination for our maintenance solution Sambesi. We look forward to the joint implementation of the project.

The use of Sambesi has long outgrown cable cars. Especially with water supplies and proof of quality assurance, the advantages of our documentation software are particularly effective. In our new brochure you will find out the most important reasons why your water supply should be documented with the help of Sambesi.